Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

3 years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans braces for Hurricane Gustav.

Interesting Match

US Politics has never been this interesting. After the blatant attacks of each party, Paris Hilton’s amusing ad, Barack Obama’s acceptance in an arena with 80,000 supporters, John McCain chose his running mate, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, for the Republican Party’s candidate for the Vice Presidential position. It was really clever for McCain to choose Palin as a running mate since she would influence the women’s votes (most especially the disappointed Clinton supporters) and the Evangelical votes as well since she is also a pastor. It is very much intriguing as to how would the upcoming US Elections come out.
Barack Obama - Joe Biden

John McCain - Sarah Palin


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cuban Taekwondo athlete kicks referee.

Because of this, taekwondo is endangered to be dropped
as an Olympic sport added by other scoring controversies.


Goodbye Beijing, Hello London.

Closing Ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Olympics

Saturday, August 23, 2008

an Axe kick by Tsomlee which wasn't counted.

Tsomlee Go's fight against Australia's Ryan Carneli


Is it too much to dream that the Philippines will one day win its first Olympic Gold medal?

It was another disappointing Olympics stint for the Philippine Team. After 3 consecutive Olympics, the country is in drought for 12 years in search of an Olympic medal and an Olympic Gold medal since the country participated in its first Olympic games. Another expectation turned to disappointment. It is just heartbreaking. But I am sure our athletes have done their best and I commend them for the hard work to qualify and most importantly in representing the country in the Olympics. I was really hoping that this would be our time but it wasn't. Maybe after 4 years in London 2012. Hopefully. Hay life.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

another satisfied frustrated writer

Eto na naman nakaharap sa computer. Simpleng inilalabas ang sama ng loob, hinanakit at nararamdaman. Napaisip lang din talaga ako sa sinabi kanina sa brewrats na risks about blogging. Pero I have to take the risk kasi eto rin naman talaga ang outlet para mailabas ko ang mga hindi ko masabi sa harap ng mga tao. I know I am the most withdrawn person in the world! Mabuti na nga rin at nakilala ko ang YFC nuong college kaya kahit papaano ay natuto rin akong ipahayag ang sarili ko at makihalubilo sa ibang tao. Nako! Hindi ko alam siguro ang mangyayari sa akin kung hindi ako nag-active sa YFC. At ngayon feeling isolated na naman. Parang hindi ko na nga rin kilala ang mga kaibigan ko nuon. Friends come and go. Whatever paths you and your friends take, you’ll still be friends. Tama ba? Ayos lang din naman talaga. Ika nga, sanay na naman ako sa ganitong sitwasyon. Palagi naman e. what’s new? Haha. Good thing I’m still connected to some of them. Atleast kahit papaano may nasasabihan pa rin, pati na rin ang blog. At nakakalimutan ko na naman ang nasa itaas. Sorry Boss. Nakalimutan ko nandiyan ka nga pala. Kahit kailan naman alam ko hindi ka nang-iwan.

another satisfied frustrated writer.

Inspired by the Zen of Blogging by
Hunter Nuttall and to the bloggers who keeps on blogging.

“…every great blogger is unique. I wouldn't ask why that leopard has so few spots, or why that bird has so many feathers. So why should I ask why a great blogger isn't like everyone else? They break the rules because they're good enough to understand the reasoning behind them, and they know what makes sense for them.

There is no blog! A blog has no inherent value; it's just a medium for conveying value from one person to others. There are no great blogs, only great bloggers. For a person who has nothing worth saying, trying to create a great blog is an exercise in futility, like trying to teach a duck to sing like Pavarotti."

Pwede rin bang mahilig kang magsulat ngunit hindi ka naman mahilig magbasa?

Karamihan sa mga manunulat ay ang mga taong mahihilig ding magbasa. Pero pwede rin bang mahilig kang magsulat ngunit hindi ka naman mahilig magbasa? Ako, hindi naman mahilig magbasa pero epal na nahihilig magsulat. Nagbabasa din naman ako paminsan-minsan. Hehe. May favorite books nga akong nilagay sa friendster, at blogger. Lahat kasi required basahin for school. Hahaha. Pero tama nga namang mas marami kang maisusulat kung marami kang nalalaman na nakukuha mo din sa pag-babasa. Ako naman ang tipo na “feeling” maraming alam sa mga nababasa kung saan-saan, na halo-halo pero kapag tinanong kung saan ko nabasa e wala namang maisagot. Basta may alam lang.

Naalala ko lang si Sir Espi na kapag may sinagot ka sa tanong niya, follow-up question niya is “what’s your source?”

sa panahon ngayon lalo’t naglabasan ang mga blogs na ang bawat manunulat ay entitled sa kaniyang opinyon at ipahayag sa kani-kaniyang kaisipan at kaalaman, maging mapanuri sa mga nababasa. They may be true and they may certainly be untrue. Pero the important thing I’ve realized while making this entry is not to be contented with what you only know or what you “want” to know. “Maging hayok sa kaalaman”(I acknowledge whoever said that.) at saan pa nga din naman makakakuha ng kaalaman kundi sa pagbabasa. (parang reading campaign ang entry na to. Hehehe.)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

you'll be missed, but you will always be remembered.

we'll always pray for and with you Ajoy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

UE - Tan Yan Kee Park

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pilipinas Kong Mahal

Ang bayan ko'y tanging ikaw
Pilipinas Kong Mahal
Ang puso ko at buhay man
Sa iyo'y ibibigay

Tungkulin kong gagampanan
na lagi kang paglingkuran
Ang laya mo'y babantayan
Pilipinas kong Hirang.

Parang pwede siyang kantahan pagkatapos ng every competition or game ng mga Filipino athletes. Katulad din ng pagkanta ng alma mater song pagkatapos ng games ng UAAP at nakataas pa ang kamay.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

An Olympic Reflection

I was expecting to be teary-eyed and having the goose bumps feeling in this opening which more often than not happens to me during these kinds of ceremonies but I wasn’t. But what got me really teary was a news which featured the thousands of Chinese gathered near Tianamen Square waiting for the fireworks of the opening and shouting “Zhong guo jia you!”, Go China! It then reminded me also of a news of an emotional demonstration(just like protests) of the people of Chengdu after the Sichuan Earthquake last May 2008. They were on the streets also shouting “Zhong guo jia you”. Simply imagine the survivors of the Sichuan Earthquake who lost one or two of their family and friends shouting “Zhong guo jia you!” This scene was just moving. Moreover, the reason why I wasn’t teary was probably because I was already teary days even before the opening of the Games hoping and praying that we will get a hold of the long time dream of Filipinos since we started participating in the Games, an Olympic Gold Medal. I KNOW WE WILL. The Olympic Games have become more personal for me ever since I first remembered watching it on TV during the 1996 Atlanta Games and I certainly feel that the country needs motivation from the Games. This is the BEST TIME for the country to accomplish its long time dream so the Filipinos could move as one like what the Chinese presented during the opening ceremonies.


Best Olympics opening ceremonies yet!

Incredible! While there are really some notable Olympics opening ceremonies in the past, the Beijing 2008 Olympics opening ceremonies is just incomparable and incredible! The representing each of the past Olympics Games which began in Tianamen Square and one at a time moving towards the “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium. Then it kicked-off with 2,008 drummers beating as one. It is just amazing how the Chinese maximized the resource that they are rich in this opening ceremony which is their people. The thousands of people moving as one and the wave-like movements of drummers, dancers and tai-chi performers, etc. is just extraordinary. In addition, the equipments they used brought together the ancient with modern technology is definitely unique. One exceptional part of the opening was when performers danced as “human brushes” and painted a Chinese scenery of mountains in a giant paper placed in the middle of the stadium. This giant paper will then be colored by children in another part of the opening. During the parade of athletes, the athletes would have to step on some kind of paint before the giant paper so they would add more color to the giant painting. Also, the thousands of fireworks which not only illuminated the opening at the “Bird’s Nest” but also throughout the city of Beijing was a delight to see. One of the most awaited parts of the ceremonies was the torch lighting at the National Stadium. The last man to light it was lifted up to the inside roof of the stadium, then he ran together with the image of a paper scroll opening all through the inside roof of the stadium until a giant torch appears at the end of the scroll. After the torch was lit, the finale of the fireworks display again illuminated the stadium and the entire city of Beijing. With more or less a billion dollars spent just on the opening ceremonies, the Chinese certainly produced the grandest opening ceremonies yet.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Food trip sa Lepanto

Habang nanunood ng balita noong nakaraang gabi sa tv tungkol sa isa na namang side-walk clearing operation ng MMDA sa U-belt, bigla kong nasambit, “huh, si ate yun na bilihan namin dati ng cheeseburger with bacon and egg”. Kaawa-awa ang mukha niya habang pinipigilan ang mga tauhan ng MMDA na kunin ang mga gamit at paninda niya. Nalungkot at naawa ako na makitang itinataboy dati mong bilihan ng pagkain. Biglang bumalik ang mga alaala ko sa kalye ng Lepanto na R. Papa na ngayon. Nandyan sa Lepanto ang bilihan ng pinakamasarap na turon na natikan ko na nakatayo sa pagitan ng FEU Gym at PSBA, si manong ng bilihan ng manggang hilaw at wala kaming pakialam kahit pumasok na amoy bagoong, bread pan at yema sa paseo, fried siomai with rice, kwek-kwek, kikiam, fishball, squidball, footlong, sago, gulaman, melon, buko at siyempre ang kalamares. Ngayong wala na ang mga dati kong bilihan ng pagkain kapag may break ako, ano na kaya ang itsura ng Lepanto?

Beijing 2008 Olympics in Numbers

  • $40 billion: total cost of hosting the Olympics
  • 4 billion: the expected global TV audience
  • 1 billion: potential tv audience in China alone for opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics
  • 7 million: number of tickets sold
  • 400,000: Chinese volunteers
  • 100,000: number of army and police on duty during the Olympics
  • 13,000: number of fireworks
  • 10,708: athletes taking part
  • 10,000: members of the cast for the opening ceremony
  • 1,800: sites around Beijing from which fireworks will be launched during the opening
  • 80: heads of state attending opening ceremony
  • 31: Olympic venues in Beijing
  • 7: cities hosting Olympic events: Beijing, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shenyang, Shanghai, Qinhuangdao


  • 1day to go


Mag-aantay ka pa rin ba?

Nakakainip mag-antay.
Ngunit wala ka pa ring magawa,
Kundi mag-antay at mag-antay pa rin.

Paano kung paubos na ang oras?
Paano kung magsawa ka nang mag-antay?
Paano kung wala ng panahon?
Mag-aantay ka pa rin ba?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

lipat bahay..

hmm. just trying new stuff. well, "oldstuff" actually. my new revised and updated version of my blogspot. i will not promise but i'll really try my best to update this blog as much as i can.

hay life. still waiting patiently.

Friday, August 1, 2008

wala lang..

eto buhay pa naman. still no work for me. been exploringthe lately and got interested with internet marketing. i hope my application gets approved so i can earn through the internet even i do not have a real job. also hoping to use this blogspot formy internet marketing thing..