Saturday, August 9, 2008

Best Olympics opening ceremonies yet!

Incredible! While there are really some notable Olympics opening ceremonies in the past, the Beijing 2008 Olympics opening ceremonies is just incomparable and incredible! The representing each of the past Olympics Games which began in Tianamen Square and one at a time moving towards the “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium. Then it kicked-off with 2,008 drummers beating as one. It is just amazing how the Chinese maximized the resource that they are rich in this opening ceremony which is their people. The thousands of people moving as one and the wave-like movements of drummers, dancers and tai-chi performers, etc. is just extraordinary. In addition, the equipments they used brought together the ancient with modern technology is definitely unique. One exceptional part of the opening was when performers danced as “human brushes” and painted a Chinese scenery of mountains in a giant paper placed in the middle of the stadium. This giant paper will then be colored by children in another part of the opening. During the parade of athletes, the athletes would have to step on some kind of paint before the giant paper so they would add more color to the giant painting. Also, the thousands of fireworks which not only illuminated the opening at the “Bird’s Nest” but also throughout the city of Beijing was a delight to see. One of the most awaited parts of the ceremonies was the torch lighting at the National Stadium. The last man to light it was lifted up to the inside roof of the stadium, then he ran together with the image of a paper scroll opening all through the inside roof of the stadium until a giant torch appears at the end of the scroll. After the torch was lit, the finale of the fireworks display again illuminated the stadium and the entire city of Beijing. With more or less a billion dollars spent just on the opening ceremonies, the Chinese certainly produced the grandest opening ceremonies yet.

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