Sunday, August 31, 2008

Interesting Match

US Politics has never been this interesting. After the blatant attacks of each party, Paris Hilton’s amusing ad, Barack Obama’s acceptance in an arena with 80,000 supporters, John McCain chose his running mate, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, for the Republican Party’s candidate for the Vice Presidential position. It was really clever for McCain to choose Palin as a running mate since she would influence the women’s votes (most especially the disappointed Clinton supporters) and the Evangelical votes as well since she is also a pastor. It is very much intriguing as to how would the upcoming US Elections come out.
Barack Obama - Joe Biden

John McCain - Sarah Palin



  1. Tey said...

    looks like every is hook on this two well talked people all over the world
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  2. Unknown said...

    But the public opinion seems to swing in favor of Obama. As the news reports show, there is fairly good chance of his win. If it happens, it will be the first time that a black rules USA, the country established by the white colonial men and where the blacks, the American Indians etc. were treated as slaves or suppressed.
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