Saturday, August 9, 2008

An Olympic Reflection

I was expecting to be teary-eyed and having the goose bumps feeling in this opening which more often than not happens to me during these kinds of ceremonies but I wasn’t. But what got me really teary was a news which featured the thousands of Chinese gathered near Tianamen Square waiting for the fireworks of the opening and shouting “Zhong guo jia you!”, Go China! It then reminded me also of a news of an emotional demonstration(just like protests) of the people of Chengdu after the Sichuan Earthquake last May 2008. They were on the streets also shouting “Zhong guo jia you”. Simply imagine the survivors of the Sichuan Earthquake who lost one or two of their family and friends shouting “Zhong guo jia you!” This scene was just moving. Moreover, the reason why I wasn’t teary was probably because I was already teary days even before the opening of the Games hoping and praying that we will get a hold of the long time dream of Filipinos since we started participating in the Games, an Olympic Gold Medal. I KNOW WE WILL. The Olympic Games have become more personal for me ever since I first remembered watching it on TV during the 1996 Atlanta Games and I certainly feel that the country needs motivation from the Games. This is the BEST TIME for the country to accomplish its long time dream so the Filipinos could move as one like what the Chinese presented during the opening ceremonies.