Thursday, December 31, 2009

Marikina holds concert for New Years celebration

was here a few hours ago. ill post pics soon. unfortunately, we weren't able to catch vice and teddy.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It pays to wait

It's been a long time since the last time I posted something in this blog. I never expected that I'd be busy in the past months. The last two months probably for preparing and adjusting to my new job. Yes, you read it right, after months of being a "bum", I was lucky to have a job that almost took me two years to find. Then I remembered the times I asked and begged the Lord for something that what I have now, its just unbelievable. It took that long but hey, its really something to be very thankful for. I'm enjoying the new workplace, the training and the people. Though at times the ghost of the past still haunts me, I'd just remind myself of the long time I waited for this and should just make the most of the opportunity given to me. Moreover, this is the closest thing that I could get to my interest. Patient than ever.


On this day of your life, Jordan, we believe God wants you to know ...
that there is no such thing as conditional love.

Love is either unconditional or it's no love. You might like someone conditional on their personality or behavior or circumstances. But love accepts no boundaries. So never say 'I love you because', for love has no cause, love comes from God.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Greatest Filipino Footballer in History.

Who would have thought that there was once a Filipino from Iloilo that played football for FC Barcelona. The first Filipino and Asian to play for a European Club at the age of 15. He's also the highest goal scorer in the club’s history with 357 goals in 357 games.

Hope to see the next Paulino Alcantara and revive the world's most loved sport in the Philippines.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Philippine Airlines Delivery Flight

Cool new Philippine Airlines plane! Hope I'd be able to ride this in the near future. Hopefully. hehe

Friday, November 6, 2009

2012 - Exclusive Scene

I have always been a fan of disaster movies and I can't wait for this movie to be shown here in the Philippines. I heard this movie was directed by the person who also directed the movies like "The Day after Tomorrow" and "Independence Day".

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm looking forward for this one. A movie by Ilonggo filmmaker, Ray Gibraltar. It is about an owner of a boarding house who kills, cooks and eats her boarders and serves it in their own food shop.

My mom told me that the director of this movie lives beside my uncle's house in Guimbal, Iloilo. We were in Iloilo during Guimbal's town fiesta and we heard Rosanna Roces was also in town. A scene in the trailer that features the cemetery looks like Guimbal's public cemetery where my grandfather (from my mother's side) is buried.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Marikina Flood Map - Video Compilation

View Raging Floods - Marikina in a larger map

Raging Floods - Marikina

I still couldn't believe what had happened to my beloved city of Marikina. Typhoon Ondoy with Int'l name Ketsana brought a month's average of rainfall that flooded the city and Metro Manila's low lying areas. Living on the foot of the hills of Loyola Heights that overlooks the Marikina Valley, we were one of the villages in the city that were lucky to be spared from raging flood due to the overflowing Marikina River. I still haven't been to the center of the city to see the damage firsthand and I think I couldn't as it still hurts that this happened to my beloved city.

With almost two weeks of no internet connection, it is only now that I am beginning to see what really happened to my city from the videos posted on youtube. It was no ordinary flood, but it was a raging flash floods. I've gathered these videos from youtube as the floods started to rage through Marikina City

at the city center from samieaggro

street beside Marikina River from giondy

a street near the Marikina River from boyingpaz

Brgy. Sto Niño from RIPXdens

SSS Village from mespejo


within the vicinity of SM Marikina from xtremerider2k8

on Marcos Bridge from romadivah

Riverbanks Center, ICT Bridge from dsecuban

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oprah's season kick-off Flashmob Dance

Another awesome flashmob dance video of Oprahs' 24th season kickoff party featuring the Black Eyed Peas' I Gotta Feeling.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


On this day of your life, Jordan, we believe God wants you to know...
... that how bad things may look right now means nothing, - it's how good they can be with God's help that counts.

In life you can absolutely count on one thing, - everything can turn around in one day, in one minute sometimes. Don't you dare to give up, - you might be a moment away from a windfall.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Is it time?

On this day of your life, Jordan, we believe God wants you to know...
... that you are not to shut love out of your life by saying it is impossible to find and keep.

The quickest way to find love is to give love. If you want it too badly, you will not find it. The most secure way to keep love is to give it space and care to grow. If you hold it too tightly, you will lose it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Flash Mob from Bounce

Another cool flash mob dance video from Bounce, a streetdance company from Sweden. They were also the same group that started the Michael Jackson Flash Mob dance tribute that gained almost 3 million views on Youtube. It also inspired dance group from other parts of the world to make their own MJ Flash Mob dance tribute. I am no dancer, but watching their vids especially their flash mob dance videos makes you dance and wished you were a part of their acts. Looking forward for their next video. For the mean time, watch the video below and you'll understand what I am saying. Enjoy! Ü

Mikey Arroyo Media Suicide

I just had to make this blog post so more people would see how Mikey Arroyo looked stupid and was grilled by Mareng Winnie Monsod. Hahaha. The Filipino People are waiting for the day the Arroyos step down from Malacañang and be ready for tons of cases to be filed against you.

I am beginning to think of what my mom always says whenever there's an issue on how and where the Arroyos get their millions. I think they were the ones who gets the over a hundred million peso lotto jackpot prizes. If I remember it correctly, there were a few times where there were no claimants for some of these million peso prizes. Hmmm. What do you think?

Wake up and Remember

On this day of your life, Jordan, we believe God wants you to know...
... that it's time you remembered who you really are.

You are not your wallet, your job, your kids, your house. You are not your activities or your worries or the labels other people give you. Like an actor you play these roles, and like a good actor you sometimes forget who you really are. Time to wake up now, and remember that you are a being of immense power and breathtaking beauty created in the image of God.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Less is More

On this day of your life, Jordan, we believe God wants you to know...
... that the great advantage of having nothing is that everything becomes a gain.

Losing everything is at the same time the scariest, as well as the most liberating experience you can have. When you have something, - anything, you've got to protect it from disappearing. And so worry becomes a resident in your heart. When you've got nothing, your heart overflows with gratitude for every offering you receive.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pinoy Travel TV is back!

After not updating it for almost a year, Pinoy Travel TV is again back online! I never realized the potential of this blog, until I opened it recently and saw there were lots of messages left on ShoutMix and also on the blog posts. Moreover, the number of page views and its recent viewers and visitors are far greater than all my other blogs combined. Because of this, I started rebuilding it with a new blog layout and its very own twitter account so its followers would also be updated with the upcoming and recaps of local TV shows that features travel and tourism.


On this day of your life, Jordan, we believe God wants you to know...
... that you've been talking to God too much, and not listening enough.

Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you become quiet and listen to God. You've learned how to talk and ask well. Time to learn how to listen and hear, because God has been answering you.

Paano Kaya?


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Filipino Macaroni Recipes

Dala na rin ng dalawang packs ng macaroni pasta na free sa dalawang value packs sa sale ng Save More Supermarket, naghanap ako ng recipes online.

These are some of the recipes I found:

Baked Macaroni

Isa pang sakto.

On this day of your life, Jordan, we believe God wants you to know...
... that nothing is exciting if you know what the outcome is going to be.

You keep wanting to know how things will play out, keep asking to see the future. God doesn't give anyone the power to know the future, because life becomes maddeningly boring when you know everything upfront. So, instead of struggling, enjoy the uncertainty - to be alive means to not know.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


On this day of your life, Jordan, we believe God wants you to know...
... that tonight you can turn your worries to God, and have a good night's sleep.

You've been worrying too much about the future lately. So tonight, go ahead, put your faith in God, and just have a peaceful evening and a restful sleep.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Top 4 Flash Mob Dance Videos

These are my Top 4 Flash Mob Dance Videos (in no particular order).
Really cool! Makes me wanna dance and wishing I was a part of it. hehe. Enjoy! =)

Jollibee Yum Burger: Mall of Asia, Philippines

T-Mobile Ad: Liverpool Station, London, UK

MJ Dance Tribute: Segels Torg & Central Station, Stockholm, Sweden

Doremi - Sound of Music: Central Station, Antwerp, Belgium

Flash Mob

A flash mob is described as a sudden gathering of people in a public place where they perform a unique stunt and quietly disperses right after.

The first time I learned about this was when a local newspaper featured a group in the US. Got really curious but eventually forgot about it weeks later.

Then one time while wasting time on youtube I chanced upon this channel Improv Everywhere. This was the same group which was featured in a local newspaper. I watched their video with the greatest number of hits which was Frozen Grand Central and after that I was hooked on watching flash mobs on youtube.

I find it really cool and fun especially when I get to see the people's reaction to the stunt and just the spontaneity look of it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ano kaya yun?

On this day of your life, Jordan, we believe God wants you to know...
... that you've been missing out on delight that God has sent your way.

Think back over the last day, - what could you have taken with delight that you just skipped over?

Salamat at Paalam Tita Cory

Dalawang araw na ang nakakalipas nang sumakabilang buhay na ang dating Pangulo ng Pilipinas na si Cory Aquino. May lampas isang taon niyang nilabanan ang sakit na colon cancer bago siya magapi nito noong Sabado ng madaling araw, Agosto 1, taong 2009. Totoo nga ang kasabihang natututuhan mo lang lalong pahalagahan ang isang tao kapag wala na ito. Nakilala ko lang si Presidente Aquino bilang lola ng dating kong kaklaseng si Jiggy (panganay na apo ni Cory). Sinasabing siya ang nagbalik ng demokrasya sa Pilipinas nang siya ang maging Presidente mula sa ating mga guro’t mga aklat. At sa lahat ng pagpaparangal at pagkilala sa kanya sa mga programa sa telebisyon noong mga nakaraang araw, lalo kong naintindihan ang kahalagahan ng isang Cory Aquino sa bansang Pilipinas.

Siya ang tumayo at lumaban sa diktaturya. Isipin mo na lang kung ano ang mangyayari kung hindi sya tumakbo bilang presidente laban kay Marcos. At pagkatapos nyang maluklok bilang pangulo, nasa kanya na ang lahat ng kapangyarihan at gawin ang mga gusto niyang gawin dahil sa kasalukuyan noong 1973 Constitution ngunit sinimulan na niyang baguhin ang Konstitusyon ng Pilipinas na gamit natin hanggang ngayon. At nang magtatapos ang termino niya noong 1992, malugod siyang bumaba sa pagka-pangulo sa kabila ng pag-uudyok ng ilan na tumakbo ulit dahil naluklok naman siya sa pagka-pangulo dahil sa People Power Revolution. Dalawa ito sa konkretong bagay na nalaman ko noong mga nakaraang araw na nagpatunay kung bakit siya kinikilala bilang Ina ng Demokrasya sa Pilipinas.

Bahagi ako ng bagong henerasyon ng mga Pilipinong tumatamasa sa kalayaan at demokrasya. Utang ko at utang nating lahat ito unang babaeng president ng Pilipinas at Asya. Ang naging Ina sa buong bansa.

Salamat sa paalala. Hindi kami makakalimot.

Salamat at Paalam Tita Cory.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tribute to Cory Aquino

Unang araw ng Agosto. Nagising sa ingay ni nanay na namatay na nga ang dating pangulong Corazon Aquino. Napadasal sandali.

Salamat Tita Cory sa pagbabalik ng demokrasyang tinatamasa namin ngayon. Huwag po kayong mag-aalala at ipagpapatuloy naming ipaglaban ang demokrasyang ibinalik.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Born in July

What does your Birth Month Reveal about you?
You will be surprised at the results!
Born in JULY
JULY BIRTHDAYS: Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Loves to be alone. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Likes to be quiet. Homely person. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Prone to having stomach and dieting problems. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover.

-got this from a facebook application. this is really me. hehe

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still a month to go.. And Im excited..

Guimbal Bridge, originally uploaded by emjglaz.

That's right, we still have a month to go before visiting back Iloilo. This is my second to go back in Iloilo for this year 2009. Thanks to Cebu Pacific's seat sale. hehe. Looking forward to taste that original Lapaz Batchoy, feel the province atmoshpere, and hopefully get to visit Guimaras' white sand beaches. I'm excited.Ü

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sino ang niloloko niyo?

Hindi ko inasahan na sa isang update ni Manuel L. Quezon III sa kanyang plurk noong Martes ng June 2, 2009, magiging saksi ako sa tahasang pambabastos ng mga kongresistang ka-alyado ni Gloria sa Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas. Hindi ko man nakita ng personal ang mga nangyayari, nabasa at narinig ko ang mga nangyari nung gabing iyon sa tulong na rin ng internet. Tuluyan ko na ngang kinilala ang Batasang Pambansa bilang "Bastusang Pambansa" dahil sa madaliang pagpasa ng isang resolusyon na magtatawag ng Constituent Assembly upang baguhin ang Saligang Batas. Hindi pa ba dahilan ito para tumutol sa pag-mamanipula ng ilan, manatili lamang sa kapangyarihan?

No to Conass!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cyberprotest, Blog Action Day vs. #con-ass tomorrow July 26

Let us show to GMA and her cohorts what power can the Modern Filipino bring online.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Originally uploaded by emjglaz

Jordan got a message that on this day, God wants him to know...
... that every little part of you is magical.

Yes, even the parts that hurt, even the ones that are feeling disease right now. It's alright to love what is in pain. More than alright, that's exactly where your love is needed the most. So why not touch that part that hurts and smile at it, at yourself through it, and whisper: ''I love you.''

Gusto ko makakita ng dagat

Originally uploaded by emjglaz

Namimiss ko na ang dagat. Impluwensiya mula sa isang kaibigang naka-chat ko kanina. Gusto ko ulit makakita ng dagat. May pagkakataon sana ako may isang buwan na ang nakakaraan kaya lang hindi natuloy. At parang hindi na rin ako makapaghintay pa sa September kapag umuwi kami ng Iloilo. Gusto ko lang marinig ang alon at maramdaman ang hangin habang nagpapahinga sa isang duyang nakasabit sa dalawang puno ng niyog sa tabing dagat.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The time has come...

On this day of your life, Jordan, we believe God wants you to know...
... that you cannot wait anymore.

The moment has finally come. You have no choice. You have to take that step now. Now. Not tomorrow, not in an hour, - Now! If anyone else is reading this, they would be confused. But not you. You know exactly what we mean. Do it. Now.

-from the Facebook application
*credits to Jaypz for the photo.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lola Techie got spoofed in Goin' Bulilit


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nichole Nordeman - Legacy

i found the music video of the song i used for one of the teaser videos for our reunion.

Monday, June 22, 2009

ueyfc reunion: preparations

After a month of waiting, planning and worrying, it finally came to this memorable day. It was really nice to see good old friends and to see the present warriors. A solid proof that God's plan will continue in UE.

ueyfc reunion: preparations

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Monday, June 15, 2009

WOTL: Sunugin ang Kongreso!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Emj Says No to Con Ass

No to Conass!

To get your own badges for your blogs,
please visit

And if you have a facebook account, please join the cause

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sino nasa Batibot?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

9 Million ang New Voters on May 2010 Elections! Kabilang ka ba dito?

Kung oo ang sagot, nakapag-rehistro ka na ba? Kung hindi pa, mag-parehistro na at maging bahagi ng malaking pagbabago sa Pilipinas sa taong 2010. Crucial ang susunod na eleksyon at malaking bahagi nito ang mga bagong botante at mga kabataang tulad mo.

Para malaman kung paano magparehistro, check mo na lang ang sumusunod na links:


at para sa mga Pilipinong nasa ibang bansa na nais makibahagi sa susunod na eleksyon,
check this youtube video.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bagong Simula

Halos isang taon mula ngayon, mamimili na naman tayo ng mga bagong mamumuno sa ating bansa. At sana magmula ngayon, maging bagong simula ito para sa Pilipinas.


Bagong Simula Lyrics

[Kevin Roy]
Parang isang gabing walang katapusan
Sa bawat mesa, asin lagi ang ulam
umaalog sa alkansya pisong pinagpawisan
Batang nakahubad kumot ang lansangan
[Yael Yuzon]
lupaing kinalbo minsa’y nadidilig
Ng dugo sa away ng kapatid sa kapatid
[Mark Abaya]
Sa kalagayang ito tayo ay nakagapos
Parang awa sana ay dito magtapos

(CHORUS)Todo na to! Liparin ang langit na bughaw
Pagningningin mga tala at araw
Mamumulang muli ang silangan
sa bagong simula ng ating bayan
[Kitchie NAdal]
wag lang maulit kapalarang kay pait
wag magpabaya wag kang manahimik
wag kang manlalamang, wag kang manggigipit
wag magkanya-kanya, magkaisang bisig
[Yeng Constantino]
Pag malasakit ito’y kabayanihan
gawin mo ano mang makayanan
kalagayan ng baya’y sumasama lamang
kung walang gagawin tayong mamamayan

(Chorus)Todo na to! Liparin ang langit na bughaw
Pagningningin mga tala at araw
Mamumulang muli ang silangan
sa bagong simula ng ating bayan
Liparin ang langit na bughaw
Pagningningin mga tala at araw
Mamumulang muli ang silangan
sa bagong simula ng ating bayan

Ipakita natin sa ating mga magulang
mga kapatid kaya natin to
isang subok pa, sabay sabay nawalang kokontra, todo na to

(CHORUS)Todo na to! Liparin ang langit na bughaw
Pagningningin mga tala at araw Mamumulang muli ang silangan
sa bagong simula ng ating bayan Bagong simula ng ating bayan

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walang Kwentang "Terminal"

Pauwi na kami nang magsimula ang badtrip. Nagpababa kami sa sinasabi nilang "Carmen Central Terminal". Isang "terminal" na kung saan dun lang "dapat" magsakay at magbaba ng pasahero ang mga pampublikong sasakyan. Ayos na din at sumunod kami sa patakaran para nga naman sa ikakaayos ng lugar. Ayun at antay kami ng aircon bus pa-Manila. May dumaan. Uy, pero sa main highway lang dumaan at hindi sa loob ng "terminal". Ok, sabay sabi ng guard duon na marami pa rin naman dadaan. Ok, sige antay. Nagsuggest na din si tatay na abangan ko sa labas ang bus kaya ayun nakakuha din ng oras to take some shots habang nagaantay. Then may dumaan nga, pinara ko ngunit hindi pa rin tumigil. Di na maganda ang nangyayari. May apat o lima pang dumaan na bus ngunit ni isa ay hindi pumasok ng terminal o tumigil man lang sa tapat ng terminal para magpasakay. OA na to! "terminal" pero wala aircon bus na pumapasok!?! what the...!?! Uminit na din ang ulo ni tatay kaya sinabi kong tanungin niya yung tao dun sa admin bldg ng "terminal". May lumabas na isa, kinausap niya pero pilit na umiwas. Hmm.. Bakit kaya?! Pilit niyang kinausap pero wala pa ring nangyari. Nabadtrip na din talaga ako. Naghinala na kami kaya siguro hindi pumapasok ang mga bus sa "terminal" na ito ay dahil bago makalabas ang bus, kailangan nilang magbayad sa exit. May kamahalan siguro. Sa dami ng bus na dumaan habang kami ay nagaantay, ni isa ay wala man lamang pumasok sa tinatawag nilang "terminal". Naglakad na lang kami ng ilang metro mula sa "terminal" at duon na lang nag-abang. Mabuti naman at may tumigil ding bus sa harap namin na tila nagmamadaling maisakay kami. Hay, Good Friday pa naman yun.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sweet Soul Revue by Pizzicato Five - Sing Along

I remembered dancing with this song way back when I was in Grade 5 (years ago, hehehe) together with my section for a class night presentation. The song is so catchy that I can still remember some lyrics. Hahaha. This is one of the songs that I will always remember of the 1990's.

Sweet Soul Review - from http://asklyrics.comSweet Soul Review
 Kesa hajimete
Kagami wo mite
Ki ga tsuita no
Anata ni koi shiteru no
Anata ni koi shiteru no  Omekashi shite
Doko e yuku no? 
So anata ni
Ai ni yuku no yo
Baby machi wa itsumo parade
Baby dakara tsuite iko yo
Yo no naka ni wa
Sweet ya
Catchy ga ippai aru yo ne
Hoho hozuri shitakunaru desho  Hora revue ga hajimaru
Hora okurenaide ne
Hora revue ga hajimaru
Hora wasurenaide ne
Tabun kyo wa
Watashi wo mite
Ki ga tsuku hazu
Anata mo koi shiterutte
Watashi ni koi shiterutte
Terebi de mita
Furui eiga
Musical no
Revue mitai ne
Baby machi wa itsumo parade
Baby hora ne kikoeru desho
Yo no naka ni wa
Happy ya
Lucky ga ippai aru yo ne
Hoho hozuri
Shitakunaru desho
Hora revue ga hajimaru
Hora okurenaide ne
Hora revue ga hajimaru
Hora wasurenaide ne
Yo no naka ni wa
Sweet ya
Catchy ga
Ippai aru hazu
Parade ni
Ame nante furasenaide
Yo no naka ni
Happy mo
Lucky mo
Zenzen nakutemo
Anata to nara
Hoho hozuri shitakunaru desho
Hozuri shitakunaru desho
Hora revue ga hajimaru
Hora okurenaide ne
Hora revue ga hajimaru
Hora wasurenaide ne