Friday, October 16, 2009

Raging Floods - Marikina

I still couldn't believe what had happened to my beloved city of Marikina. Typhoon Ondoy with Int'l name Ketsana brought a month's average of rainfall that flooded the city and Metro Manila's low lying areas. Living on the foot of the hills of Loyola Heights that overlooks the Marikina Valley, we were one of the villages in the city that were lucky to be spared from raging flood due to the overflowing Marikina River. I still haven't been to the center of the city to see the damage firsthand and I think I couldn't as it still hurts that this happened to my beloved city.

With almost two weeks of no internet connection, it is only now that I am beginning to see what really happened to my city from the videos posted on youtube. It was no ordinary flood, but it was a raging flash floods. I've gathered these videos from youtube as the floods started to rage through Marikina City

at the city center from samieaggro

street beside Marikina River from giondy

a street near the Marikina River from boyingpaz

Brgy. Sto NiƱo from RIPXdens

SSS Village from mespejo


within the vicinity of SM Marikina from xtremerider2k8

on Marcos Bridge from romadivah

Riverbanks Center, ICT Bridge from dsecuban